We’re Good!

31 07 2008

Hi All,

We’ve made it to the hot, muggy land of Mary. It was a 3,000+ mile trip that included a two day stop at Yellowstone. “Amazing!” “Wow!” “That’s incredible!” Seth couldn’t stop exclaiming over the beauty and mystery of hanging out on an active volcano. Angela was just speechless. We’ll put some pictures on here once we get them developed on Seth’s computer.

Speaking of which, it will be almost a week until we get internet out at the house. Seems it takes longer to get service things happening out here, maybe because there are way more people. Power didn’t get turned on at the house until four days after we’d moved in. Jenna was probably the most miserable of the three of us during that time. She is enjoying the air-conditioning flowing through the house now.

So much is different from what we’re used to seeing. Grocery stores are all different, as well as the products and brands they carry. It’s been difficult finding brands Seth can eat, especially with bread. They also drive more aggressively, which is a bit frightening to Angela, who’s also re-learning to drive a standard. There are no drive up coffee kiosks anywhere and guys Seth’s age keep their hair short (no surfer boy styles).

But we’ve met a lot of really great people. Most of the academy staff are our age and fun, our principals are fantastic and approachable. We have great neighbors and a helpful maintenance man (yay!). And our banker is on her way to finding God. It’s incredible, she was so excited to find out we were Christians and, even though she’s not supposed to talk about it at work, she just bubbled over with enthusiasm for what’s she’s learning.

We plan to post on here regularly, don’t give up on us. We’d like to take this past a wed-site. And we’d love to hear from all of you.


RSVP, please!

30 06 2008

If you haven’t already, please let us know one way or the other if you will be able to make it to our wedding. Bad news as it is to hear you can’t come, we’d still like to know for sure. I’m sure you’re all very busy and it has escaped your notice. But we’ve heard from less than half of you. Maybe you think it would’ve been easier if we’d included a reply card. Maybe, maybe not. RSVP’s are the bane of every bride I’ve talked to recently, no matter how they asked their guests to let them know whether they’re coming. So, if you could just take a minute to leave a comment, shoot us an email, pick up the phone, send smoke signals or whatever else your comfortable with, I’d love it.


16 06 2008

You may have noticed a dragonfly stamp on your invitation as you opened the envelope. It has a great life, that stamp.

I, Angela, love dragonflies. When Seth and I first started dating, he would hunt up incredible photographs of dragonflies and damselflies and email them to me. There’s something graceful and charming about them and butterflies. Hence, the number of dragonfly and butterfly related items on our registry. They’ll be all over our kitchen. 🙂

And Seth has continued to surprise me with dragonfly related items. As most of you know, he moved out to the coast to be near me in February. To survive, he was substitute teaching and was kept busy as teachers started to request him (not a surprise to me!) and secretaries loved him because he was dependable and available. They especially loved him out in Jewell, which is a very rural town and basically just the school. He went out there one day to sub for the art teacher and the lesson that day was stamp carving.

That lovely stamp you see on your invitation envelope was created and carved by Seth. He also did two others that day, both just as great. Just another one of the perks of getting to marry the right guy. 🙂

Nuevo Lugar

12 06 2008

We’ve just updated the Donde? Cuando? tab with a new place and new google map to get you there. Yeay!

Wood is Good

25 05 2008

Hey look, our rings! After looking at all the steely rings, we decided to try something else that didn’t cost as much as a small car. We both thought that metal rings felt cold, and I would rather just buy a small car.

We found Matt on Etsy.com, and are very pleased that he agreed to make our rings. Because I work with wood, I had something in mind when we contacted Matt. He purchased the wood and special hard finish for our rings and only charged $25 each. We are delighted with their beauty and character. We are even more excited that wood represents our warm and alive marriage to be.


Turn the rings over and the grain shows a different hue. Same rings. Matt gave us permission to use pictures he took of the rings.


Check out MnMwoodworks.etsy.com to see more of Matt’s wood art.

Help has Come!

25 05 2008

Yay! Thanks for all your help. Between emails and calls, we had a few options. Since Recycled Gardens backed out on us, we asked them for help as well. I felt it was the least they could do :). They provided the name of a family historical foundation in Sherwood, OR. Parrett Mountain Farm was begun in an ancestor’s hope to keep her land together and within her family. You can find out more about them at http://www.parrettmountainfarm.com/

The director of the foundation has been very gracious. They are planning to be open to events next summer. However, many things are already ready or will be ready in the near future. She has consented to letting us use their event location for a fraction of what they will charge later (what we were going to pay for Recycled Gardens)! It’s not quite as charming as the Recycled Gardens but it does have a charm of its own. We’ll be getting pictures up in the near future.

To say the least, we are relieved. And now we are reprinting the invitations and mailing them! See you all soon!

Aaack! Help.

14 05 2008

We got bad news today. Very bad. The Recycled Gardens is going under and we can’t have our wedding there anymore. 😦 I don’t think this has set in well yet, I’m still woozy from lack of sleep (I just spent the weekend with my family, as my mom and brother graduated from Union). It’s sad. And I feel bad for them as well. They are being helpful, which is great.

But now we’ve got a problem. We no longer have a venue. This was the only option and now with the wedding two months away, life is getting stressful once again. I really want an outdoor wedding, with a decent price (we were paying the RG $750). But we’ve looked everywhere. So this is a plea, if you know of something with a two-hour driving distance from Hillsboro, OR, is outdoors, is affordable and available July 13, let us know. We need your help.